Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's Eating Your Child?

Given this is the first official entry of this blog, it makes sense that I share what started me down this road of food sensitivities and nutrition.  I had been toying with the idea that dairy might be having an undesirable effect on my son, when a friend recommended the book, "What's Eating Your Child" by Kelly Dorfman.  The author is a seasoned food nutritionist with 30 years of clinical experience.  Further adding to her credentials, she specializes in food allergies and sensitivities. 

The book is a compilation of information and case studies.  First, Dorfman's aim is to educate parents about nutrition and sensitivities.  Then she offers a variety of situations so that parents can pick and choose potential causes as it relates to their unique situations.  

The premise is that the digestive system is the hub of the body.  All other systems require a specific set of nutrients to function properly.  When deficient, each person reacts in their own individual way.  The reason for deficiencies is different for each person too.  Some have food sensitivities, and some are just not getting enough variety in their diet.  The author's aim is to arm the reader with information so that they can figure out exactly which one, or combination of is causing issues in their body.

She also delves into other areas such as sensitivities to pesticides, GMO's and dyes.  She doesn't make too many assertions.  Instead, she shares information and allows the reader to come to their own conclusions about the potential side effects of these modern changes to our food.  

I highly recommend this book to parents who are seeking to learn more about this realm.  If you are frustrated with all the dead ends, and are ready to start down the path of discovering your own individual truths then this is the perfect book to start with. 

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