Monday, January 23, 2012

Almond Butter Banana Smoothie

I've come to learn that often it's the small steps that have the best results in our home.  My son has a much easier time trying something for the first time if it is only slightly different from what he is already used to.   

One such example is the almond butter smoothie I now make for my kids.  It started out as a basic recipe that I learned about through "What's Eating Your Child".  My son can't tolerate milk, and making this each day gave me the peace of mind that he was getting some nutrients. 

The idea to add in other ingredients came after I tried an almond butter smoothie from Whole Foods.  It dawned on me that a number of the ingredients on the order board are a staple in our home.  I even thought of some other items that I keep on hand that would go great in it. 

The basic way I make his protein shake is with:

2 cups of almond milk*
1 scoop of Metagenics Ultracare for Kids 
Contents of a probiotic capsule.  
*Coconut, rice or soy milk can also be used.

To make the smoothie, I put the above ingredients in the blender and add 2 tablespoon of almond butter (peanut butter is fine), two bananas (this blog recommends frozen), ice and a touch of maple syrup.  Blend until smooth.   
Other things I will add if I have on hand:
Sliced almonds
Flax seeds/meal
Chia seeds

*For thinner consistency use less seeds/nuts.  For thicker, use more.

Once done, I top with cinnamon.  Sliced almonds too, if desired.

My kids love this drink.  They ask for it often.  That's the great things about kids.  They encourage healthy routines even when we don't feel like it or forget.  :-)   Which is a good thing since this smoothie has the potential to provide a number of healthy fats and nutrients. 

Here's a shot of them enjoying the finished product. 

Do your kids like smoothies?   What kind do you make?

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