Saturday, March 24, 2012

Raw Coconut Milk

In the past, I've purchased coconut milk to add to my son's almond banana smoothies.  While this option is more convenient, the better quality versions are expensive and not as nutritious as when consumed raw.  I've since learned that coconut milk is very easy to make at home.  All that's required is a coconut, a blender, and time. 

Coconuts have gotten a bad rap in the past given their fat content.  They've since been making a come back now that people are learning more about the health benefits associated with the fats they contain.  Coconuts are rich in medium-chain triglycerides.  MCT's are really easy to digest making coconut milk a great replacement for dairy.  Coconuts also contain lauric acid which is also found in breastmilk

There are a number of ways to make coconut milk.  I use a regular coconut to make mine, but it can also be made using shredded coconut.  If using the type that is dry then follow the instructions outlined in this video:

If you are wanting a more raw version then go with freshly shredded coconut or frozen coconut (found in specialty supermarkets).  This video outlines how to make milk with the raw ingredients:

Getting the contents from the coconut can be tricky.  If going that route then first drain the coconut.  Do this by poking holes with a clean screw driver on the existing soft spots of the coconut.  Place over a glass, and shake every now and then to make sure all of the milk is making its way out.  

Then find a clean, durable plastic bag.  I prefer to use Target bags :-)  Put the coconut in it, and find a concrete surface to throw it against.  I keep throwing it against the ground until the coconut is broken into small pieces.  The meat is easier to shred this way.  Then shred the meat (while still attached to the husk) with a grater and you are ready to proceed with the instructions given in the first video!

A batch I made

Have you ever made raw coconut milk before?

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